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About Bellarine Labels
Who Are We?

About Bellarine Labels

We have been in the Label & Packaging industry for over 40 years, commencing in Graphic Prepress colour separation printing and converting, we have been involved in all aspects of the business over the years and believe good clean efficient labelling & packaging goes a long way to get your product off the shelf into the consumers home. Once it is there it’s up to the product to perform.

Bumper stickers (Branding) can assist people get to know you or your product. Just think how many people see the backs of cars, That’s why race cars are covered in stickers (or now Shrink wrapped) to allow the consumer to see the product over and over with out having to pay click rates or expensive advertising. Like all things it still has to be a good design to get the persons attention.

So, let’s talk about your next project and see what we can assist you with.

The Highest Quality

Labels are not just labels

They promote a brand, provide information and sell a product. Some labels even save lives. At Bellarine Labels & Stickers, we know that the purpose of a label is what really matters. Our expertise in materials, adhesives and finishes will make the difference between the best label for your application and a big sticky disappointment.

Labels or Stickers come in many different materials Paper, Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyethene, PVC Vinyl, Laminated paper & UV Varnished paper. They all have there specific uses.

Also with this is the many types of adhesives that we can get on the materials this allows for certin types of adhesion properties like, high-tak permanent, freezer grade, high temp, repositionable.

Please take a minute to fill in the questionnaire below so we can select the best option for you and ensure we don’t end up in a stick mess.

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Self Adhesive Labels

Self Adhesive, labels is a material which has had an pressure sensitive adhesive applied to it, once the backing is removed it will stick to most products, normally comes in both sheets or Rolls

Self Adhesive Stickers

Stickers are those normally supplied on sheets and come in monomeric PVC material for long out door life

Bar Coded Labels

Barcoded labels can be supplied in rolls or sheets and are used to apply to a product with a bar code for scanning, you have to supply the bar code type and number

Bumper Stickers

Bumper sticker are made o apply to rear bumper of cars and also to back window, they are made from white Monomeric PVC and come in singles so they can be sent out or given to clients

Security Labels

Come in may formes, Voiding Labels (once they are removed the word Void appears) Destruct able (once they are applied when the pack is opened they destruct and cannot be reclosed), Sequential numbers, barcoded. These functions can be incorporated with your current company design

Window Stickers

These are stick inside window and shown though the glass

Produce, Water, Cosmetics Labels

Labels produced for high speed labelling applications with specific roll directions and application requirements

Covid 19 Window Labels

We have a selection of Australian Government approved Labels which you can apply your own logo to. These are made on white PVC Sticker material

Corona Virus Stickers

We have a selection of floor stickers for you
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