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Labels are not just labels. They promote a brand, provide information and sell a product. Some labels even save lives. At Bellarine Labels & Stickers, we know that the purpose of a label is what really matters. Our expertise in materials, adhesives and finishes will make the difference between the best label for your application and a big sticky disappointment.

Our Specialties

We manufacture a wide range of labels stickers and tags for all types of applications. 40 years of experience in Local and International label manufacturing has given Bellarine Labels an unique perspective on the best label to fit your particular requirements, from a simple paper label on a paper bag to a multi layered security label which will destruct when exposed to water. Here are some of the more common ones.

  • Beverage Labels
  • General Labels
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Security labels Bar Coded 2 D or QR codes
  • Window Stickers
  • Cosmetic Labels
  • Wine Labels

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest quantity of labels I can buy?

Well we can make 1 labels or sticker but it will be expensive, If you are talking about a small labels say 50 x 50mm then 200 -250 would be the correct amount as it depends on the size as all labels are costed based on size. So remember that the 50 x 50 labels can be 5 designs 50 of each.

Why Don’t my labels stick?

Most labels don’t stick for one reason, contamination of the surface. So make sure the surface you are sticking too is clean, clean with white spirits and free of dust .
Make sure the material you are adhering too is silicone free, most recycled products contain silicone, and some glass and plastic bottles have a residue of silicone on them. Again clean them with white spirits and that should fix the issue.

What is the best label for my product?

The best label for your product is normally the same as the base material, Paper labels on a paper bag, Polypropylene labels on Polypropylene bottles, Polyester Labels on a Polyester pack. The reason for this is for compatibility and recycling. If you put a plastic label on a paper bag it becomes a non recyclable product. If you let us know what you are sticking the label to we can guide you to the right label.

The ink comes of my label

This can be due to either rubbing or possibly a chemical attacking the ink, if either of this is happening we may have to consider a UV Varnish or an over-lamination, speak to us about the use of the labels.

Is my label environmentally friendly?

Yes most labels are environmentally friendly, it is normally when they are applied to the product, if it is not the same it becomes a non recyclable product.

Is there such a thing call a no look label?

Yes there is, we need to know this effect is what you are looking for at the time of quotations so we can allow for the correct material.

Can my label be out door with-out colour fading?

Yes for things like bumper stickers and Out door garbage or recycle bins you would want a 5 – 7 year, but again we need to know this at the time of quoting. But this does cost more so for your normal labels and stickers 12 -18 mths is normal.

Is there a cheap way to apply labels to my product?

The cheapest but not the easiest is by hand, there are a few semi automatic labellers but before you get onto Google please make sure they will do your product, there is some very good Australian made units which I would recommend you are looking at between $500.-$1,500.


Material: SAV Self Adhesive Vinyl White Permanent Adhesive
From suitable artwork provided

90 mm

Supplied in Strips of 7 labels

250 off $177.00 inc gst
500 off $280.00 inc gst
1,000 off $453.00 inc gst

Small Bumper Stickers
35 x 130 mm

Supplied in strips of 4

250 off $150.00 inc gst
500 off $225.00 inc gst
1,000 off $345.00 inc gst

Oval Stickers
60 x 140mm

Supplied in Strips of 5 labels

250 off $180.00 inc gst
500 off $260.00 inc gst
1,000 off $465.00 inc gst

Large Bumper Stickers
50 x 180 mm

Supplied in strips of 4

250 off $190.00 inc gst
500 off $305.00 inc gst
1,000 off $500.00 inc gst

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